About High Mountain Honey

Our Bees Travel through California, Washington, and Colorado Pollinating our Nations Agriculture. We Guarantee 100% Pure/Raw Honey in Every Jar. 

We are a Family of Traveling Beekeepers who've been Beekeeping for over a century. Our honeybees travel through California, Colorado, and Washington pollinating the states agriculture. We have access to many organic farms, giving us access to some of the rarest raw honey on the planet. Since our bees travel, we're blessed with a variety of raw honey to choose from. After pollination takes place, we transport our bees along with the honey back to Colorado to harvest in the high mountains. Our honey is then transported to San Diego where the distribution process begins. San Diego is about to Bee Buzzin! Thank You for visiting, and being apart of our journey. 1/3 of every purchase goes back to the Bees! Save the Bees, Save the World! 




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Honey Flavors Available

* Citrus 

* Orange/Almond

* Mixed Berry 

* Wildflower

* Stone Fruit

* Vanilla 

“Thanks to our Honeybees, Our Family will Always

Strive to Bring You the Highest

Quality Raw Honey and Beeswax Nature has to Offer.”

~Tyler Whitmarsh~


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